Our leadership and governance

How our trust is led and governed

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust is managed by the Trust Board, which consists of executive directors including the chief executive and non-executive directors, and is led by the chairman. The Trust Board is supported by a number of sub-committees each of which is chaired by a non-executive director.

We are a Foundation Trust which enables greater local accountability and greater financial freedom. The Council of Governors is part of the governance structure and holds the Trust Board to account. This means it has a number of duties which include the appointment of the non-executive directors and external auditors and can scrutinise the performance of the Trust Board. Some of the governors are elected by the Trust’s public and staff membership, while others are appointed by local stakeholder organisations.

The Trust is organised into six clinical directorates.

Those directorates are:

  • Clinical Support and Specialist Services
  • Families care
  • Integrated and Urgent Care services
  • Mental Health and Learning disabilities
  • Primary Care and Neighbourhoods
  • Surgical Care.